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Who we are....

We are Social Know How CIC.

We love working with organisations that make a difference and­ helping them to develop and grow. We do this through a range of services that are designed to maximise and measure social, economic and environmental impact.

What we do....

We are passionate about sharing our social know how by working with public, private, third sector, community and grassroots organisations.

We make social impact measurement simple, accessible and future­proof. Our experience is broad and diverse and we understand the needs and perspectives of service providers, communities, commissioners, funding bodies and regulators. We use co­production to bring service providers and service users together, encouraging participation and sparking innovation.

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SENSocial Value UK

We only work with organisations that share our social values. We only work on projects that deliver benefits for the community. We are members of Social Value UK and the SROI Network and we have signed the Liverpool Social Value Charter.

Social Value UK

Social Value UK supports social generally accepted accounting principles (SGAAP) that can be used to account for and manage the social, economic and environmental outcomes created by an activity or organisation. We believe this social value should be measured from the perspective of those affected by an organisation’s work.


To support the development and growth of entrepreneurship across the Liverpool City Region, raising both level of engagement and trading ability of social enterprise businesses to enhance their economic viability, sustainability, social and environmental impact and contribution to the local economy.

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02 Sep 16

Now members of Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Professional institutes exist for most occupations..........why not for entrepreneurship? Each professional organisation has its own unique advantages.  But being accredited in the field of entrepreneurship offers a range of benefits…

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