‘A Hardy Bunch’

‘A Hardy Bunch’

You can’t have failed to notice the massive changes in the social housing sector over the last twelve-eighteen months, whether you have read about them in the press, seen colleagues from other teams leave or been directly affected yourself. It’s been a time of massive change for me personally, and redundancy has presented a great opportunity for reflection but one of the main things I have taken from this period of professional and personal change is that there remains an enduring passion by staff – past & present – to continue to do good things.

I now belong to a band of colleagues that have taken the leap – either voluntarily or otherwise – into a new career. Many of them, myself included, are taking that passion and expertise gained from decades in social housing & regeneration, and embracing new ways of working, forming new collaborations and more importantly creating new solutions to old problems.

On the flip-side and despite the tremendous sea change (and regardless of the politics – big P or small p – which I won’t go into here) those colleagues who remain are still, on the whole, passionate about doing a great job for the people and neighbourhoods that social housing is there to serve. The recent results of a Guardian Housing Network survey showed that the majority who responded are ‘a hardy bunch’ who still believed in the sector and were happy to remain.

So NOW more than ever…………with the increasing challenge to provide better services with reducing budgets, alongside bigger workloads & fewer staff, and shifting priorities all set amongst organisational change ……….. is the imperative for those inside and outside the sector to MAXIMISE the social impact we create, MEASURE it, UNDERSTAND it and use that insight to FOCUS effort and money where it delivers most benefit.

Social Know How can work with you to understand what areas of your business to focus on, what to measure, how to measure it and what to do with that information.   Get in touch here.

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