Institute Of Enterprise And Entrepreneurship

Now members of Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Professional institutes exist for most occupations……….why not for entrepreneurship?

Each professional organisation has its own unique advantages.  But being accredited in the field of entrepreneurship offers a range of benefits to both the individual and Company; ongoing professional development opportunities; the chance to update knowledge of business and trade basics or acquire new job skills through seminars, workshops, and distance learning courses, formal coaching or mentoring relationships with more experienced business people who provide guidance and useful insights, committee membership and lobbying for the sector, and informal connections & networking.

By building my continuing professional development through ongoing study, I am now proud to add the Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurship logo to our website.

 The IOEE was officially founded in 2010 creating the first dedicated professional learning institute specialising in business enterprise and business support, a standing still enjoyed to this day within the UK.   Their work is informed by research into what other entrepreneurs do and have done in order to be successful. It’s about small business owners helping each other.

The Institute’s programmes and qualifications are built on the extensive research that underpins the SFEDI® National Occupational Standards and the expertise of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, the UK’s only professional Institute dedicated to enterprise.

In turn, we hope that this addtional accreditation provides you with added confidence in my professionalism and credentials, and that of the businesses that I own and run.



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