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Re-ignite your social change mo-jo!

It’s at this time of year when we have the annual festive slow-down in business that I often find the time to catch up on all the stuff that gets put on the back burner or relegated to the ‘reading-pile’.   It’s also a period when we all reflect on the last twelve months and think about the coming year, and plan for all the amazing social change things we can get stuck into in January.

As part of my work routine I try to set aside a day or two a month on learning new stuff, exploring new social enterprise topics  that have whet my appetite, or catching up on the latest sector news.

And just recently this piece, written by Australian social entrepreneur Jay Boolkin of Social Good Stuff, entitled 7 Ted Talks to Ignite Your Inner Changemaker sparked (no pun intended) my interest.  I’ve never really been one for listening to podcasts or watching You Tube clips (maybe its an age/technology thing…. or maybe it’s that they often waffle on for ages before they get the actual point of the thing) but these are accessible and short-attention-span proof.

Whether you have lost your social change mo-jo and want some inspiration, or  have heard of some of these guys & girls and want to hear what they have to say, it’s well worth a sit down to watch with a cuppa.


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