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Social Enterprise gets a boost in Regional Pitching Competition

The Bigger Pitcher

Tomorrow I am proud to be working with finalists in ‘The Bigger Pitcher’ social enterprise category at their pre-pitch boot camp led by SparkUp Liverpool and delivered in association with Orb CIC.   The Bigger Pitcher consists of four categories – Spark Up, Start Up, Growth, and Social Value.

Each category features prizes to help develop and nurture the winning entrepreneurs, which includes cash and business support.    I will be supporting the finalists to better understand the social outcomes they deliver, hone how they articulate the social value they create, and make a great case for how their social enterprise will grow in future.

Working hard to refine their pitches, the social entrepreneurs will be thinking ahead to Liverpool Loves Business on 4 August when The Bigger Pitcher pitching competition will begin at 2:00 pm and will be compered by Guardian Business Leader of the Year, Paul Corcoran.

The Social Value category, in association with Liverpool SOUP, features four businesses / projects which demonstrate the most potential for delivering a social impact for disadvantaged people. In the spirit of Liverpool SOUP, Liverpool Loves Business delegates will be invited to make a small donation which collectively will form a cash prize direct from the local community.

Starting a social enterprise is a massive a challenge, especially in todays economic and political climate.  In my next blog post I will talk about common mistakes that are factors in not achieving success in social enterprise, two of which are failing to have a coherent Social Value Strategy…… and in my opinion……not measuring your social impact!

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